Havelock accelerates the time-to-market of fast-moving companies

Prioritize work, remove communication barriers and encourage cross-team collaboration.

Optimize your end-to-end product lifecycle management

Havelock is an enterprise synchronization and collaboration solution that enables cross-department coordination and streamlines product development for a faster time-to-market process
Full visibility of project progress
Unified communication & document sharing
Real-time status updates
Clear daily priorities & responsibilities
100% accountability & self-awareness
No unnecessary reporting

Havelock is applicable in industries with multi-department companies and intense operational dynamics

What businesses that make the most out of Havelock have in common?

Time-critical and clear deadlines, whose delay has a big negative impact on the business

Intense operational dynamics of processes, as well as constant changes to the initial plans

Large number of orders with standardized processes, whose completion depends on the cooperation of different departments