Case study

QUANTIVE, world’s leading strategy execution software, 10xs project management efficiency with Havelock’s revolutionary approach

OKR, Project management, Strategy
Company size
350+ employees
Office locations
Sofia, Denver, London, Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Indore
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Quantive, a global leader in strategy execution software and services. The company’s commitment to excellence led them to explore new avenues for project management enhancement. Prior to embracing Havelock, Quantive relied on Asana, but their aspirations to become a truly project-oriented organization were hindered by the lack of transparency and visibility provided by the tool. They sought a comprehensive solution that would empower them with a guiding methodology, not just a piece of software, to revolutionize their project management practices.

Challenges arose as Quantive thrived in a dynamic environment, necessitating rapid adaptation to evolving deadlines and daily tasks. They faced the daunting task of maintaining transparency throughout project management, enabling stakeholders to promptly access real-time project status and identify bottlenecks before they become critical issues. The need for increased transparency and self-awareness prompted Quantive to seek a robust project management solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing processes and improve overall efficiency.

Havelock’s top-down approach revolutionizes project management, ensuring efficiency and transparency. Its innovative methodology empowers us to succeed and stay connected with our execution, fostering a sense of security and alignment within the organization.

Harry Siggins
Chief Human Officer

Havelock is a powerful yet super-friendly centralized hub for project management that overall creates peace of mind and a sense of security that everyone is on the same page. It streamlines collaboration and enables teams to effectively coordinate their efforts, allocate resources, and meet project deadlines.

Ivan Osmak

Havelock emerged as the ultimate source of truth for Quantive’s project management journey. Unlike conventional software, Havelock didn’t merely mirror existing workflows; instead, it provided a transformative approach, guiding the company towards improved practices and mitigating potential errors.

At the heart of Havelock’s power lies the Dynamic Planning Methodology, patent-pending at USPTO and tested approach that skyrockets project management efficiency. This methodology revolutionizes how projects are structured and planned, emphasizing step-by-step execution for enhanced transparency and early issue identification. To progress to the next milestone, successful completion of the previous one becomes mandatory, ensuring that potential problems are nipped in the bud.

A significant advantage of Havelock for Quantive was the provision of perfectly prioritized daily lists containing actionable milestones and tasks for all users. This streamlined collaboration, enabling teams to coordinate efforts, allocate resources, and meet project deadlines effectively. Moreover, Havelock’s user-friendly interface allowed everyone in the organization, from project managers to team members, to seamlessly engage with the platform, leading to an impressive 80% of registered users actively utilizing the tool.

Some results

active registered users with Asana
less registered late tasks
active registered users with Havelock