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EIRENE Studio reduces project delays and improves cross-team communication efficiency with 70% thanks to Havelock

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Since its establishment in 2016, the Bulgaria-founded EIRENE Studio has been on a mission to “give a new flavor to traditional dresses and outfits for ladies and young girls”. EIRENE Studio has witnessed unmatched success thanks to its bold designs and quality materials, which effortlessly combine comfort with style. The brand’s attempts to change the way womenswear and kidswear are perceived have attracted the recognition of Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar. Moreover, the company has grown into an affordable luxury brand for girls and their mothers with collect-options available in TZUM Moscow, GUM Moscow, Saks Fifth Avenue Almaty & Astana, Les Galeries Lafayette Doha, as well as in multi-brand boutiques and online shops in over 20 countries.

In five years, the company has ex- panded into 15 countries across Europe and the Middle East, and has attracted 10 business partners. Recently, EIRENE’s success has been further supported by a $840K investment, setting the company upon a path to enlarge its B2B partners network from 10 to 30, enter the Asia and US markets, boost its online sales and open pop-up shops in Dubai, New York, and Beijing.

Naturally, everyone at EIRENE Studio wanted to keep the momentum and continue growing. But as the company expanded, it started having project delays because of insufficient planning and ineffective communication. Teams couldn’t communicate properly, and misalignment affected the company’s ability to deliver products on time.

Undoubtedly, the struggle with communication relates to project delays. Teams communicated abundantly but the exchange of information was scattered across a myriad of WhatsApp and Viber groups, emails, and meetings. There was no single source of truth for all project-related information and executives, and managers couldn’t easily view the big picture or the status of any project in real-time.

At EIRENE Studio, project managers struggled with project delays and ineffective communication.

Havelock has really kept up with their promise to provide us with a state-of-the-art solution that is effective, quick to implement, and easy to use. I have the confidence that no matter what difficulties the business might face everything will be dealt with in the optimal way thanks to the genuine methodology of Havelock.

Irina Nedkova
Owner and CEO

At its core, Havelock is designed to deal with project delays and communication issues. EIRENE Studio’s problems with project delays stemmed from the company’s way of planning and managing projects; more suited to juggle several projects in a rather predictable environment. But the fashion industry is dynamic and deadlines, plans, and schedules can rearrange in a matter of hours if, say, a supplier is late.

Havelock‘s dynamic planning methodology and industry-specific process templates helped unify the EIRENE Studio’s processes and focused the attention of everyone exclusively on things that require action now. Dynamic planning enhanced transparency and brought together different departments to create a product from concept to store. It granted project and department managers access in real-time to what has been planned, what has happened and what is next for any project. This allowed EIRENE Studio to better anticipate issues and intervene before they become real problems. In addition, Havelock introduced a centralized communication space inside the system, where all EIRENE teams involved in a project could collaborate and exchange files to bring products to market as fast as possible. All communication was topic-related, which made it easy to access and search, eliminating the need for unnecessary chats, calls or meetings.

Some results

improved communication efficiency
less project delays