We’re Havelock.

We’re Havelock.

Аn all-in-one software that ensures real-time adjustments and actionable workflows, reducing missed deadlines and mismanaged tasks while ensuring nothing important is forgotten. Its centralized, integrated approach pushes dynamic companies toward successful project management.

Optimizing the work of industry leaders

Manage many projects
effectively with a Dynamic Product Management platform

Plan, execute and connect work with strategic business outcomes.

Cross-department synchronization

Synchronize your entire company – not only separate teams – around common goals. Connect all departments involved in creating a product, set clear priorities for everyone and manage the lifecycle of many product-centric projects at the same time.

Real-time project status visibility

Enjoy a complete and up-to-date view over the progress of your projects with real-time updates of task statuses. Know at any time what has been planned, what has happened and what is next with access to the latest project communication, file and documents exchange.

Transparent collaboration

All communication and file exchange in Havelock happens on task level, making them easily traceable and accessible to any one related. Giving your teams a single place to communicate, share documents, and escalate problems – increasing inter-department collaboration and eliminating the need for unwanted chatter and status meetings.

Clear daily priorities

Havelock offers two specially designed centralized hubs, where project managers and team members have prioritized daily lists with milestones and tasks they can work on immediately, without depending on anyone else to finish.

Obstacle anticipation

Thanks to our step-by-step approach to advancing projects, issues in Havelock are tackled at their inception. The platform’s centralized communication and real-time notification system helps quickly overcome obstacles, and keep everyone aligned on the outcome.

Measurable outcomes

Set clearly defined deliverables and deadlines in transparently structured projects. Еasily track progress and understand results to make informed decision that drive your bottomline. Use Havelock’s reports to measure work progress and focus resources in the right direction.

Powerful software combined with a transformative approach

We transform the way you manage the lifecycle of products by combining software and a clear methodology for bringing products to market in a transparent and collaborative environment, where everything is easily trackable and updated in real-time.

Built for companies operating in dynamic industries

Havelock is designed to help multi-department companies operating with great operational dynamics to improve their time-to-market, reduce delays, prioritize the right things at the right time and overcome organizational chaos and miscommunication between departments.

Never miss a thing with the Havelock mobile app

The Havelock mobile application lets you stay up-to-date with the status of аny product’s progress. Access pojects, milestones and tasks, as well as check notifications regardless of where you are in the world.

The success
of our clients drives us forward

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